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Beds into Toys!

Silent Night Beds are a famous UK brand that manufacture high quality beds mainly for the domestic market. Although the company had a well deserved reputation for manufacturing high quality, aesthetic bed furniture it had never scored particularly highly on the innovative nature of its products. Competition is severe in this market so the company directors felt that the business needed an innovative boost. Therefore, they decided to pursue our Scimitar Programme.

The team was initially skeptical that they could achieve significant success through the Scimitar Programme since the bed industry is a very conservative market. However, we convinced the team on the need to suspend judgment and remain positive both on the programme and on their initial ideas

We constructed a Scimitar model that focused on the end users of the company’s beds-therefore we focused on age, life style and gender segments. This formed the vertical axis of the company’s model.

Next we focused on what benefits or attributes each segment wanted from their bed experience-so we came up with attributes based on comfort, aesthetics and fun!

Finally we defined the company’s approaches axis in terms of their capabilities and skills. This altogether gave us the famous Scimitar model that defined natural company growth points.

Using Scimitar idea generation techniques and based on the business model the company the team came up with the concept of a new range of fun beds aimed at children-that eventually became branded as “My First Bed”. However, how did this idea come about?

Creativity is often about making connections and the team connected 2 previously unconnected items-first the concept of a Duck and Hippo club – and secondly the market of children’s beds. This evolved via the course’s mind mapping process into the idea of a new range of fun beds.

This new concept was aimed at children between 18 months and 12. This mix and match range gives children, with their parent’s help, the opportunity to create their bed’s personality. Families can choose a divan bed with distinctive blue and white mattress and then select from an extensive menu of options to customize it. There is a palette of bright headboard colours, different bed feet-duck, hippo, pink shoes, football boots- and different headboard storage features that makes bedtime fun

Kids can spell out their own stories with Play Pal letters or make sure they know where their favorite toy or security blanket is with a “snuggle sack” that fixes cleverly to the headboard.

As well as Hippo and Duck character headboards the range includes football and pink heart versions, as well as under-bed storage for children’s treasures, or a pullout sleepover bed.

 Such a wide range and bespoke manufacturing were a great way to leverage the company’s cell manufacturing capabilities

This innovative range of children’s beds won the innovation - prize at the UK Furniture awards for 2003. The judges loved the innovation of turning a children’s bed into a fun toy that reflected the child’s personality. Leading child psychologists also liked the concept for its positive effect on children’s creative development and self confidence. This developmental and psychological attribute of toys is important for selling toys into the US market (see our section on marketing).                                                            

My First Bed: award winning new bed/toy
Concept developed with the help of Scimitar

Headboard with fun heart

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