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Mo Mothana : A Triumph of Lateral Thinking

Mo Mothana  from the Burngreave area of Sheffield recently attended the BIG Programme Shield course that ran at the mega Centre in the centre of the City, commencing in October 2007

Initially, Mo was sceptical about the Shield programme but he soon realized that the programme was going to greatly benefit his aspirations to establish his own business

Mo wanted to establish his own accountancy business-but the problem was that he had no formal qualification in accountancy. However, in line with the ethos of the Shield programme, he used creative thinking to go round the seemingly insurmountable problem! He had no formal qualification as an accountant but he was an experienced book- keeper. Therefore, instead of immediately trying to establish his accountancy practice he established a book keeping service for accountants! By providing such a service for accountants Mo’s business fulfilled a need for the latter in taking out the “front- end grind” for their businesses

Additionally, Mo also knew that many accountancy practices lacked sales and marketing skills – so in addition to providing the aforementioned book keeping service he also offers sales consultancy for accountants-a niche market offering with little competition!

This example demonstrates the power of the Shield Programme in using creative thinking to provide innovative solutions to business problems and create opportunities for new  enterprises.

Mo states:

“Shield is a fantastic course. I would definitely recommend the Shield Programme to all people who want to establish a business with a competitive edge”

Certainly Mo will be cashing in on the skills and knowledge he acquired on the Sheffield BIG Shield Programme!


Mohammed’s business seeks
to assist hard pressed
accountants run their business
more effectively

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