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Sword - SME Programme


The innovation programme for small and medium-sized business

The Sword SME Programme enables small and medium-sized companies to grow by producing a portfolio of innovative new business ventures, based on company strengths. Sword SME contains key elements of the Scimitar programme specifically tailored to suit the needs of smaller companies.


  • Trains a team of your people in thinking skills and creativity techniques.
  • Provides a new and exciting perspective of your company‚Äôs business prospects.
  • Builds a portfolio of new business ideas, which integrate with your company strengths.
  • Provides a rigorous system to appraise new business ideas.
  • Creatively improves your ideas portfolio and turns ideas into creative business concepts.
  • Produces a short list of 3-5 exciting new business ventures for your company ready for launch or investment.
  • Enables your team to re-run the programme in-house whenever appropriate.


  • We work with a team of your people, leading them through 9-13 half-day workshops over a six month period.
  • Teams are usually between two and four in number.
  • We build a model of your business to make sure we keep focused on your strengths.
  • We train your team how to think creatively and to look for new ideas.
  • We search the model for new ideas using these skills.
  • We develop and assess your ideas through a series of processes to find the winners.
  • We continually apply creativity techniques to front-running ventures to ensure they reach their full potential.
  • We use a mix of styles according to the task.
  • The programme is challenging and fun, with a lot of personal development.

Tailored Variants

  • Farming Innovation Programme.
  • Social Enterprise Innovation Programme.


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Case Studies

Sword SME assisted Cutting and Wear to develop a revolutionary new method of hardsurfacing drill

" The QuickTip Hardfacing System has gone from strength to strength over the years, and we now have over 20 licensees worldwide. "


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